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Pátio da Graça is the restaurant located in the heart of the courtyard that connects renovated historic buildings of Villa Graça – Hostels & Apartments, with a menu implemented and developed by Chef Rafael Duarte, whose inspiration merges Peruvian cuisine with Japanese influences.

Opened in 2020, with a totally innovative concept in the city of Santarém, with the aim of showing the Japanese influence in Peru (Nikkei) in an informal but refined concept, the Pátio da Graça restaurant was born.

Nikkei Gastronomy, presented in the Pátio da Graça Menu, is based on the offer of modern flavors, with the constant creation of dishes that fuse flavors from Peru and Japan combined with endogenous products.

In the Kitchen, led by Chef Rafael Duarte, a menu designed for sharing is reflected, giving the opportunity to explore different flavors in a unique experience.

Nikkei Cuisine...

The origin of Nikkei Gastronomy dates back to the end of the 19th century, when Peru began to receive Japanese immigrants due to the need for labor for the sugar industry.

The Japanese began to break with their consolidated gastronomic traditions and little by little Peruvian ingredients became part of their typical dishes, and, over time, Peruvians began to use ingredients of Japanese origin in their dishes. It was in this context of the fusion of ingredients and flavors from the countries of Peru and Japan that Nikkei Gastronomy emerged, having designed delicacies of unavoidable flavor, painted in ceviches, tacos, among others.

The Team

Message from the

Chef Rafael Duarte

Designing a menu that essentially takes you to the streets of Peru and Japan, providing an experience of flavors and essences that transport you to something different.

The secret of our cuisine lies in the ingredients and in the love and dedication with which every detail is prepared by each member of the team. We want to make your visit an experience of well-being in an environment that breathes art, modernization and a staging of dishes that make you the main actor on our stage.

We combine seasoning, aroma, art and the joy of cooking to offer you dishes with modern techniques, simple and at the same time complex, but full of culture.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit us yet, do so soon, I’ll be flattered to have you!

Know more...

Rafael Duarte is originally from Estoril. He discovered his talent when, in the 2nd year of the Degree in Hotel Management and Management at ESHTE-Escola Superior de Hotelaria e Turismo do Estoril, he started working at the Midori restaurant, at Penha Longa Resort, under the baton of Chef Pedro Almeida, with a menu with reference to Japanese cuisine.

After completing his degree, and during his stay at Midori, the opportunity arose to carry out a Cross Training in Tenerife, at the Kabuki restaurant, also offering Japanese cuisine, awarded with 1 Michelin star.

The passion for gastronomy emerged when he was still taking the first steps on his path, and so, with determination, thirst for knowledge, commitment and dedication, he took advantage of this Cross Training to consolidate acquired knowledge and open new horizons.

The next trip was to London. In London, he stopped by SushiSamba, where Chef Cláudio Cardoso opened the doors for him to this new adventure. This was followed by Lima Fitzrovia (1 Michelin star) and the opening of Chicama London. The collaboration with the restaurant The Dining Room – Japanese Grill followed, where he remained as the right-hand man of the renowned Japanese Chef Taiji Maruyama. His visit to internationally renowned restaurants in London made him fall in love with Peruvian cuisine, with a signature that features exotic ingredients, vibrant colors, unique flavors and a different culture. It was 5 years across borders with the aim of feeding their knowledge.

The return to Portugal did not take long.

The love for Japanese cuisine, which led Chef Rafael Duarte to choose his professional career, and the discovery of the extraordinary offer of ingredients, flavors and colors of Peruvian cuisine, made him have the courage to return to Portugal and develop the Pátio da Grace to, in a refined and simple way, make Street Food Nikkei known.

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